Inscape Design College Admission Requirements

By | June 21, 2021

Inscape Design College Admission Requirements

Inscape Design College Admission Requirements : South African Qualifications Authority identification number (SAQA ID): 79830

Interior Design is about planning environments for people and how they live and work, by considering their psychological, emotional and physical needs. A good designer looks at feasibility, context, circumstances, and cultural inclusion. Students learn about emerging technologies, products and services and the latest software. They can develop concepts and produce digital technical drawings. Graduates are able to create interior design solutions for clients in the retail, hospitality, domestic, exhibition, services, corporate, and specialist industries.

  • Consumables cost 1st year (+-R1000) **estimates only
  • Continuous project based assessment
  • Digital and print portfolio submissions in 2nd and 3rd year
  • Final years graduate in December
  • Degree candidates can go on to apply for post graduate studies pending they meet the application and entrance requirements of the relevant Institution.
  • Our programmes are quality assured and standardised across all Inscape campuses nationally.
  • You can enrol for our Bachelor of Design programme at any campus to complete your 1st year.
  • Students who are accepted into certain degree specialisation programmes might be required to complete their 2nd and 3rd year studies at another specialised Inscape campus.

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